Our Story

I'm sure you're tired of reading strangely worded corporate "about us" pages using "we", "our" and "us". Instead I'm going to do this differently because I feel that something more genuine and personal is more in line with Daydream's brand, and honestly I am more comfortable with it. Hi, my name is Damien. I'm the founder and head candle artisan here at Daydream Candle Company.

I think our story begins in early 2014. I've always sort of been a jack-of-all-trades but master-of-none kind of guy. I've worked in every industry you can imagine from retail operations/logistics to IV pharmacy. My list of hobbies at the time included music production, graphic design, carpentry, traditional art, game design, and on and on, you get it. I enjoyed these things but nothing ever really clicked.

I had always been enamored by how powerful our sense of smell is and how scents can trigger nostalgia and memory. I spent a ton of money on candles, I mean, upwards of $200 a month, because I loved to light them while working on other projects or reading. It became a running joke with some friends and colleagues, so I thought to take the joke further by actually learning to make them myself to give as gifts.

I'm not going to pretend that I was some natural talent, and my first candles were amazing. But I fell in love with the craft quickly and became obsessed with learning more about the inner workings of it. With a bit of research, I realized that most candles are made of a material called paraffin. I don't want to lecture you on the harmful properties of paraffin wax but put simply, I was appalled that all this time I had been burning (and breathing in) a petroleum byproduct. So I set out to find alternatives.

At this stage, I knew I loved candlemaking, but I never imagined creating a business. For fun, I continued for years just testing different formulas, blending different oils, & testing different waxes in my free time. I found that a lot of large candle manufacturers were labeling their products "SOY BLEND". I thought that was great, but these candles still contained primarily paraffin wax. I researched a lot about soy, it's different benefits and the difficulties of working with it. Determined, I bought my first 45 lb case of pure soy wax from a local manufacturer.

Oh man, the headaches. I have very vivid memories of this time period laying in bed sleepless just thinking about new methods & temperatures I could try. To say working with soy is easy would be a blatant lie. I learned quickly why these large retailers don't want to deal with it. But I loved the challenge and I was determined to make a quality product using 100% pure soy wax. I researched, tried, failed and tried again until one day I realized I had what I felt was a superior product to the dozens of big brand candles in my apartment.

Some major life changes really made me analyze the things I loved doing. Memories of late night coffee fueled candlemaking came back to me. I realized that I had never been that passionate about any other hobby in my life. I invested in the equipment I needed to take candlemaking seriously. After designing labels, sourcing glassware, and nailing down my final formulas, Daydream Candle Company was founded in Bloomfield, New Jersey in the summer of 2020.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide top-tier premium candles to people who love them as much as we do, at a fair price, in aesthetically pleasing vessels. There are no factories here. All of our candles are handcrafted by passionate people who want you to fall in love with the Daydream experience. We want to raise the bar in an industry filled with mystery "soy blends" and toxic byproducts. All of our candles are handcrafted in batches of six, the perfect number to allow our candle artisans one on one time with each and every one, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

When we decided to start Daydream, we also decided that we don't want to negatively impact the environment with our products or business practices. We're committed to always using natural, biodegradable materials whenever possible.

In order to further offset any environmental impact not in our control, we also decided early on to partner up with an organization that would plant trees for every purchase on our website. More about that here.



I want to personally thank you for taking an interest in our brand and for choosing to support a small business. It's thanks to you guys that I get to wake up and do what I love every single day, and for that I'll be forever grateful.


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